ICC Podcast on Trade and Development: Making Trade Work for Everyone

September 28, 2020

ICC Podcast on Trade and Development: Making Trade Work for Everyone

The recovery from COVID-19 has fostered consensus around the need to build back better and do things differently to ensure the benefits of trade are more fairly distributed in the future. But the question is, how?

In this podcast episode, ICC’s Chris Southworth speaks to Rosa Crawford, Policy Advisor at the Trade Union Congress, Ruth Bergan, Senior Advisor for the Trade Justice Movement, and Ben Richards, International Officer for Unite the Union, on how to ensure trade works for everyone in the context of COVID-19 recovery and in a post-Brexit world.

Discussion points included:

  • Making trade more inclusive, so that it benefits everyone;
  • The upcoming trade deals that could be set to threaten our development priorities;
  • The implications of non-business stakeholders being excluded from the government’s trade advisory groups, and thus from having a voice in the UK’s trade deals;
  • Ways to strengthen cooperation and engagement.

If you are interested to hear more on this topic and join the conversation, we will be discussing it further at the ICC Trade and Prosperity Week starting on the 19th October. Register today at https://www.iccwboconference.uk/

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