Theresa May’s Brexit Speech in Florence & the UN in need of reform

September 28, 2017

ICC United Kingdom talks to Daniel Crosby, Partner in International Trade and Managing Partner for King & Spalding at the Geneva office, including thoughts from ICC's Secretary General Chris Southworth.

Areas of discussion:

  • Thoughts after Theresa May’s Brexit speech in Florence? What do you think international investors should take away from the speech?
  • Theresa May made some pointed remarks at the UN and the need to reform. Is this fair? What is your experience of working with the UN?
  • Thousands of companies are convening in Geneva this week for the WTO Public Forum. What is the Forum for and why should companies care?
  • The WTO’s Ministerial Conference and G20 are both in December in Buenos Aires this year. What can we expect from both? What are we fighting for and why?

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