ICC United Kingdom partners with The London Institute of Banking & Finance to promote trade finance

February 27, 2019

London, 19 February 2019

ICC United Kingdom and The London Institute of Banking & Finance are pleased to announce their exclusive partnership for 2019, with the aim of endorsing skills pathways in trade finance education. Promoting specific trade finance skills is becoming increasingly important in protecting the future of trade finance, as more focus is needed to enhance the workforce that will ultimately be involved in the move towards paperless trade – a critical transformation period.

The partnership will see the start of collaborative technical panels & seminars throughout 2019 as well as greater access to training for members through the ICC Academy and the Institute’s workshops.


“Trade finance performs a vital function – it helps oil the wheels of economic growth. This new partnership enhances our wider relationships with not only ICC United Kingdom, but also the Institute of Export, Coastline Solutions and ICC Academy. The more we can collaborate, the better for everyone working in the sector,” said David Morrish, Relationship Director at The London Institute of Banking & Finance.


“As the shift to paperless trade is coming to the forefront, it is essential that bodies such as ICC and The London Institute of Banking & Finance work together to make the transition as smooth as possible,” said ICC United Kingdom’s Secretary General, Chris Southworth. “Working alongside each other will allow us to reach a new pool of individuals and institutions to promote the need for digital trade, and we are very much looking forward to exploring this avenue together.”


As long-standing collaborators, this agreement will further strengthen the existing relationship and help both mark significant milestones this year; ICC will be celebrating its 100th year of supporting business globally, while The London Institute of Banking & Finance will mark its 140th anniversary.


More information about the partnership will be provided throughout the year.

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