Fostering Innovation Resources

Through awareness-raising and advocacy initiatives, ICC explains the positive role of the IP system. We provide guidance on how the system can be made more efficient and cost effective, and help policymakers adapt the system to new challenges.

The following activities are coordinated by the Digital Economy and Intellectual Property Committees.

Our commitments for 2018 are set out below.


  • Re-launch a digital economy forum to strengthen the UK business voice at international level.
  • Input into the digital trade campaign with the WTO, Friends of Ecommerce for Development and Business for eTrade (UNCTAD eTrade for All).
  • Input into the Open Borders campaign on data flows.
  • Contribute to putting forward the case for the digital economy’s contribution in delivering the UN SDGs.
  • Promote guidance and thought leadership on new technologies including the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.


  • Champion the role of effective IP systems in spurring innovation and in giving companies large and small a range of tools to help drive success.
  • Strengthen relations with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the IPO in the UK.
  • Promote the 13th Edition of the ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap to British businesses worldwide.
  • Contribute to the development of a compendium on the valuation and monetisation of IP assets.
  • Contribute to the 5th research paper on incremental innovation.
  • Act as a conduit to the UK government in relation to post-Brexit arrangements with the Unified Patent Court.