Promoting a Level Playing Field Resources

The following activities are coordinated by the Commercial Law and Practice, Competition, Corporate Responsibility and Anticorruption Committees.

Our commitments for 2018 are set out below.


  • Continue to provide expert technical input into drafting Incoterms 2019.
  • Launch an ICC Incoterms ‘train the trainer’ programme, helpline and expert advisory group to support and work with a partner(s) to train SMEs and local law firms.
  • Strengthen cooperation with UNCITRAL (the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) and UNIDROIT (the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law.
  • Strengthen links with the Queen Mary University-UNIDROIT Institute of Transnational Commercial Law to promote best practice.
  • Foster dialogue with the anti-corruption programme to promote ethical behaviour and ‘nudge’ economics.


  • Strengthen dialogue with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).
  • Work with the ABC Committee to promote ethical business and wider use of behavioural economics as a means to improve compliance.
  • Continue to grow and develop the ICC Young Competition Network (YCN).
  • Support ICC’s global advocacy guide to promote recommendations on best practice.
  • Promote the ICC Proposal to the ICN for a One- Stop-Shop for Leniency Markers and contribute to the 2nd edition of the ICC Leniency Manual.
  • Support efforts to strengthen ICC participation in ICN initiatives.


  • Promote the UN United Against Corruption campaign to British businesses worldwide.
  • Work with the National Contact Point service to promote best practice case studies.
  • Work with partners to champion the implementation of the Global Declaration Against Corruption.
  • Promote the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights and promote the UN Charter on Human Rights in supply chains.
  • Work with G20 partners to support efforts to combat government and official corruption.


  • Input into the review of the Consolidated ICC Code to ensure it remains relevant and future proof and fit for purpose.
  • Promote the ICC Code to British businesses worldwide - especially for those trading in emerging markets.
  • Convene a group of marketing and advertising experts to develop a comprehensive programme capitalising on the UK position as a global market leader.


  • Support global efforts to promote cooperative compliance.
  • Promote ICC Charter of Fiscal Rights for International investors, OECD Tax Certainty Report.
  • Support BEPS Implementation.
  • Promote dispute resolution as a tool to solve tax disputes.
  • Strengthen UK input into key international organisations including the United Nations Committee of Tax Experts and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).