We are a business-led organisation. ICC members are our decision makers, technical experts, business ambassadors and representatives in international settings.

Members have first option on joining and supporting bespoke ICC activities and initiatives such as high-level campaigns, delegations, private round table events and high-level introductions. We also have wider Partnerships with organisations with whom we set up bespoke sponsorship agreements, reciprocal arrangements and collaborations.


Amplify your profile – we offer you a neutral platform: Campaigns, World Business Podcasts, social media, blogs, case studies
Access to international decision makers - institutions, major summits and events: Delegations, one-to-one meetings, roundtables and side events
Have a say in shaping the rules that affect your business: Rule-making forums, access to 3,000 technical experts, advice and guidance
Broaden client networks: Events, networking opportunities, access to a global network
Support your supply chains: Guides, toolkits, roadmaps, case studies, best practice
Develop your talent and drive innovation across your business: Students, interns, secondees, Rising Stars