• ITU Engagement


The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is the UN agency responsible for telecommunications policy; it is where telecom regulators work with industry in the development of related technical standards, in the management of international spectrum allocation policies, and it manages international agreements related to orbiting satellites.

The ITU engagement programme is a new addition to the services we offer and a component of our overall digital trade engagement programme in Geneva, supporting the UK Government on key internet-policy priorities.

The Geneva Representative of the Digital Trade Network has, for several years, been a key member of the UK delegation to the ITU. This effort is congruent with the positions taken by ICC’s BASIS programme related to the ITU and the ICC Digital Economy Commission also have a long history of complementary engagement at the ITU.

The key objectives of this programme, aligned with UK policy, include:

  1. Supporting maintenance of ITU’s existing mandate related to the development of technical standards, management of international spectrum policies, and the treaties ITU administers related to orbiting satellites;
  2. Supporting ITU’s work to reduce the digital divide;
  3. Championing fair markets through proportionate, disciplined regulation based on best practices;
  4. Supporting policies that promote economic growth in developing markets in telecom market regulation;
  5. Advocating for healthy spectrum and regulatory policies to reduce wholesale broadband costs through competition, especially for the benefit of Least Developed, Landlocked Developing, and Small Island Developing States.

This service is open to all companies alongside ICC membership rather than as part of existing membership fees. Reduced fees and beneficial access are available to ICC members.


More information about the ITU and its work can be found on their website.