Is Arbitration only As Good as the Arbitrator? Status, Powers and Role of the Arbitrator


DOSSIER VIII of the ICC Institute of World Business Law

A compilation of essays from expert practitioners dealing with one of the most fundamental questions in international arbitration: is arbitration only as good as the arbitrators? Although arbitration can be a quick and efficient means of resolving disputes, arbitral awards, unlike court judgements, are not subject to ordinary judicial remedies and there is no recourse available against an award which is substantially wrong.

The 2011 Dossier of the ICC Institute of World Business Law presents a compilation of expert views on thorny issues such as:

  • Clashes between arbitrator and litigants;
  • Arbitral discrimination under English and EU law;
  • The arbitrator’s relation with third parties;
  • Confidentiality issues; and
  • Rules of law vs. freedom of the arbitrator.

An invaluable companion for practitioners and scholars alike.

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