ICC G20: The Voice of UK Business 2018

G20: The Voice of UK Business - 2018

Although global growth has picked up, we are facing serious challenges for trade and investment with escalating trade tensions and governments increasingly acting on a unilateral basis to serve national not global interests and openly undermining the rules-based trading system we have spent a century fighting. Closer to home we have added uncertainty surrounding the future of the UK’s trading relationships with Brexit. Now is the time we need the G20 to lead by example, to champion the benefits of open, inclusive trade, stand up for the rules-based system and fight protectionism.

At G20 Argentina, we have proved that ICC can act as a powerful convener and coordinator for the private sector when working in partnership with others. We helped increase the number of companies participating by 56% with SME engagement up 33% and increased the number of UK regions and strategic sectors engaged. We also demonstrated that with our international relationships and expertise, we can convene G20 decision makers to create opportunities to influence thinking and working with partners rally far more companies to strengthen our collective voice. To build on this momentum and scale up our efforts at G20 Japan, Japan, we will need your support.

G20 Japan will be short and quite different in terms of business engagement. We will need to be well organised with a view on both Japan and Saudi Arabia in 2020.

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Reach out if you would like to contribute to next year's edition, send us an email at: info@iccwbo.uk

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