ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development – Business contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Business Charter for Sustainable Development has been specifically designed to help companies contribute to the SDG implementation. Sustainable economic growth provides the foundation and resources for societies to develop and prosper, and for people to meet their needs and pursue their aspirations. It helps enable economic empowerment and poverty eradication, advance environmental stewardship; and contribute to dealing with the trans-boundary global challenges highlighted by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At the heart of economic growth are innovative, successful, and responsible businesses operating within strong, forward-looking governance and policy frameworks.

Now more than ever, sustainable development depends on the solutions, capabilities, contributions and engagement of business. ICC believes this entails:

  • Innovation in all dimensions of sustainable development so as to develop more integrated strategies, policy and decision-making.
  • Leadership and collaboration to leverage the mutually-reinforcing and cross-cutting elements of integrated policy-making.
  • Integrated governance structures fostering greater policy coherence between economic, environmental and development objectives.
  • Efforts by all actors to reconcile short-term pressures with longer-term strategies to deal with the multiplicity of economic, societal, and environmental challenges and opportunities in an integrated manner.
  • Bottom up and top down actions pursued simultaneously by governments and business in support of sustainable growth. A one-size-fits-all approach will not be effective, nor will policies that work in silos.
  • Multilateral and cross-cutting approaches across countries and sectors, which are indispensable in the global marketplace.