ICC Guide for Responsible Mobile Marketing Communications

ICC Guide for Responsible Mobile Marketing Communications offers guidance on mobile privacy issues, particularly relating to marketing, to ensure a common approach across borders.

Over the years, the ICC Marketing and Advertising Communications Code (ICC Code) has served business and society by providing ethical guidelines that build on fundamental pillars, create a level playing field and harmonise approaches across markets, while minimising the need for legislative or regulatory restrictions that add inefficiency and cost. As new practices and technologies have evolved, ICC has revised and extended the scope of the Code to assure its usefulness and relevance.

In developing countries, mobile penetration is leaping over PC demand due to its relative affordability and lower dependency on more costly infrastructure investments. Simple voice and text-enabled mobile are being lauded as an invaluable tool for microenterprises and for payments processing in remote or rural areas.  At the same time in developed markets, the introduction of the web-enabled smartphone started a boom of applications, games and services offered on mobile devices and platforms with many of these financed by advertising revenues. With most business models reliant on the collection and use of data to customise and target advertising for more valuable service, it is imperative that business sets out robust standards for self-regulation to protect consumer trust and confidence.

This guide offers global guidance for applying self-regulatory principles to mobile marketing, to ensure a common approach across borders.  The guidance helps business and self-regulators safeguard consumer trust particularly in markets with soaring mobile expansion.