ICC Practical Steps for Businesses to Fight COVID-19

Small businesses can play a major role in combatting the spread of Coronavirus and other infectious diseases. Adopting good practices early will help protect employees, customers and local communities—and ultimately make businesses more resilient during this difficult period. These simple guidelines provide practical advice for local business leaders who are ready to step up to the challenge

While responding to a public health crisis is never easy, it provides an opportunity to stress-test your operations and identify inefficiencies. Taking time to reevaluate your strategy, human resources policies, and communications plans can help to overcome short-term difficulties and future proof your business.


  1. Am I up to date on the latest guidance from local authorities?
  2. Are my employees informed about our latest operating procedures?
  3. Is there a contingency plan in place in case of temporary closure?
  4. Have I updated my suppliers and contractors about operational changes?
  5. Do I have additional capacity to support my local community?


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