ICC SME Toolkit: Why complying with competition law is good for business

Drawn from the ICC Antitrust Compliance Toolkit released in 2013, the idea of an SME-specific toolkit emerged after two years of active advocacy work led by Anne Riley, Chair of the ICC Task Force on Compliance and Advocacy.

The ICC SME toolkit does not delve into the complexities of competition law. In a concise and user-friendly format, the SME toolkit aims to ensure that smaller businesses understand the rules and operate both ethically and legally.

This global SME toolkit provides a brief overview of areas smaller businesses should be aware of and practical tips to assist them in building and reinforcing a credible approach to competition law compliance.

The ICC SME Toolkit covers:

  • Three danger areas
  • Five elements of compliance
  • Checklist to help identify competition law risks
  • Examples of basic dos and dont’s
  • ICC’s top ten tips



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