Relationship to the ICC Secretariat

ICC is an international organisation with a Secretariat in Paris and network of national offices (National Committees) and representatives in over 170 countries including all the major trading economies.

The ICC Secretariat is governed by the ICC World Council [annual general meeting], made up of representatives from member countries. The UK is a founding member of ICC with three representatives on the ICC World Council. ICC United Kingdom is the representative office of ICC in the UK.

All National offices and representatives operate under a Global Partnership Agreement with the Secretariat and pay an annual fee, a bit like a franchise fee. We all share the following core responsibilities, to:

• Champion ICC mission and values
• Promote ICC products and services
• Represent national business interests within ICC
• Represent ICC interests to national governments
• Work with and support the ICC network
• Act as a distribution agent for ICC publications

National offices function as independent entities with most co-located within national Chambers of Commerce, particularly in the emerging markets. There are a small number of mostly larger offices that function as fully independent offices, like ICC United Kingdom.

Our legal structure

We are a member-led business organisation and aim to be as inclusive as possible in the decisions we make. We are constituted as a company limited by guarantee and governed by the UK Board. Our members are our decision makers with input from our wider stakeholders and support from the team.

Constitutional decisions are made by our Guarantors at formal events like the Annual General Meeting when voting is required. Guarantors can only be companies, law firms or banks.

Annual Review

Annual Report & Financial Statements

Relationship to UK business organisations

ICC’s role is to represent the interests of business at inter-governmental level – at the United Nations, G20, World Trade Organisation and other international institutions. We aim to add value to others, supporting UK business organisations and complementing their activities at local, national level and regional level.

Our central focus is to improve the international trading environment and promote international best practice, supporting the work of others on national trade governance, bilateral and regional trade relations and practical trade support for companies wanting to import and export.

A growing number of business organisations are affiliate members of ICC.