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No Deal Is Bad For Global Trade

January 18, 2019

Although there are efforts in Parliament to take a no deal option off the table it is by no means guaranteed and should be our focus as an international business community in discussions with the UK government. We have to accept that the disbenefits of a no deal to world trade are still poorly understood, particularly the impact on poorer communities and UK trading relationships.

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We Have Bigger Problems Than Brexit

January 11, 2019

While we all focus on the big vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal in Parliament next Tuesday, the rest of the world is preparing to discuss the world’s challenges at Davos on 22-25 January. 

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Proposal for a more inclusive trade governance model announced

July 18, 2018

There is much to be welcomed from Liam Fox’s speech today. The move to a more inclusive, transparent and democratic style of policy engagement is very welcome and a positive recognition that trade policy must now work for everyone – businesses, unions, NGOs and consumers across the UK. 

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